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5g Golden Hamster Gold Bar

SGD     700.00/Cái
SGD$ 0.00/Cái
VND 12,833,470.00/Cái
Định lượng:

The Hamster symbolises happiness, simple joys, having fun, and enjoying life. Hamsters are probably as cute as they are because of their massive cheek pouches, which they use to carry food back to their burrows in the wild. These pouches can more than double the size of their faces!

Hamsters are solitary creatures that prefer to be alone however, they are known to be able to form an everlasting bond with their owners once tamed and have been a great choice for household pets as their size makes them easier to hold and to play with. They react well to being handled and they rarely bite. Hamsters are naturally nocturnal so they sleep during the day and they are active at night.
The Hamster is closely related to the Rat and 2020 is the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Come celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rat with our limited edition 999.9 pure gold Hamster gold bar!

999.9 Fine Gold
The image is embossed on a 5 grams 999.9 fine gold bar.

Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Each gold bar is accompanied by a GS Assay Certification of Authenticity.

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