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1oz Golden Goat Silver Medallion

SGD     135.00/Cái
VND 2,256,800.00/Cái
Định lượng:

Mountain goats are striking with their long, white hair that occasionally has a yellowish tan tone. In winter their hair appears long and shaggy, in summer it is shorter. 
Environmental extremes characterize their habitat. They are found in high mountain alpine and subalpine habitat where extremes of temperature and weather occur. At various locations in their range they can be found from sea level to about 8000 feet (2440 m), but they are usually at timberline or above. They favour steep grassy or talus slopes, grassy ledges of cliffs, or alpine meadows. During the winter they may seek shelter and food in stands of spruce or hemlock. They seem comfortable on precarious cliff ledges and extremely steep, talus slopes.
999 Fine Silver
The image of three goats on a pasture is embossed on a 1Oz 999 fine silver medallion.
Unique Reverse Design
The 1Oz Year of the Goat silver medallion design portrays an image of three goats on a pasture, against the backdrop of trees and a mountain. The design also includes the inscription LIMITED EDITION, YEAR OF THE GOAT, 三羊開泰and the medallion’s weight.
Limited Mintage
PureGold.sg will release no more than 2000 pieces of the 1Oz Year of the Goat silver medallion.
Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Each medallion is accompanied by a GS Assay Certification of Authenticity.

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